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Monday, 23 April 2012 19:18

Carrozzeria speciale su AS43

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Historica Production


Maquette et photos de Paolo Crippa


This is a 1/35 scale kit made by Historica in a orrible resin of armored car AS 43 (Carrozzeria Speciale Viberti su AS 43), an armored car produced in a little number in 1944 by SPA Viberti on the AS43's base. It was distributed to Leonessa Armored Group of Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana and used in antipartisan's operations. I have some materials about this particular vehicle: there's a little documentation about it and the number of photos of it is very poor, but I'm trying to produce the most realistic model I can.

The model

The kit is in some part very detailed (the AS 43 armored is a simple vehicle, the idea from which it derived was to produce a sturdy car, quite cheap, using the more possible number of parts still in use for pther tanks or armored cars, in order to increase standardization and reduce the costs), but other parts ar really crude and so it is necessary to put attention and, if possible, add a lot of details.

The interrior of the turret is completly empty, except for the gung (Breda 20 mm and Breda 8 mm). I decided to left the doors opened, so I had to built on my own all the other parts. The turret is the same of the light tank L6/40, so, after a research I managed to find the manual's pages of L6/40 with drawings of the interior. I then built the commander's seat, the pedal's apparatus used to shot the guns and the rotation's group.


I paint the interiors in white, as usual for the italian armored vehicles of the time, the seats were in black leather, while the seat structure were in metal. I also completed the washing ant the watering of the interior by oils, adding little rust signs and and some points were the white painting was deteached by the continous use.

I painted the body of the car in sand yellow. The original vehicles were paintend in the Leonessa's standard sand yellow until 1945 january, then they received a camouflage scheme made by green and brown spots. This scheme is more interesting, but I don't have an airbrush, so I was obliged to choose the sand yellow's overall scheme. I painted the sand yellow using a Tamiya spray and then I made the centres of the panels lighter using a mixture of Italian Sand (Lifecolor - 25%), white (25 %) and water (50%), applying it by a soft paint brush and wait that the mixture completly dryed before apply the decals. The kit doesn't contain enough insignas : the set has the plate (with a correct number) and only 2 red Ms (the Leonessa's insigna). Fotunatly a friend of mine gave me the Italeri AB41's decals set, which has 5 red Ms!

Diorama & figures

Tanker officer of Leonessa Armored Group.
Squadrista of Black Birgade Ather Capelli of Turin (I changed the head, because the field cap is more impressive).

The diorama finished with the two figures :

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